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MONTRÉAL, sommes-nous PRÊT?

Q'en pense nos marchands locaux

Mile End is so ready for this. Liv with Bo for a better future!

- Nelly, Liv Salades

Ride the wave!

- Willson, Le Petit Vibe

About time!

- Sahar, Bowhead Pub

Sustainable packaging is very expensive. An alternative like Bo is definitely overdue.

- Tony, Ramen Isshin

Just go to a landfill & take a look at all the plastics. [...] We'd like to do our part & now is as good a time as any.

- John, Ye Olde Orchard Pubs

Should've been done yesterday!

- Nicholas, Traiteur Phoenix

It's a totally cool idea, we're in!

- Eric, Dobe & Andy

[...] I believe Bo can be a real solution, while also helping business' bottom line.

- Dan Geltner

On doit essayer de faire notre part pour protéger l'environement!

- L'équipe Sapa

It's so practical, especially for the Plateau. [...] We'd absolutely love to do our part for the future.

- Nila, Fenêtre sur Kaboul

I'd love for us to be leaders [...] in environmental trends. Climate change is real & we try to do our part."

- Josie, Le Muscadin

It's a great idea [...]. Clients are happy to have less garbage [...] & many try to bring their own containers so they'll definitely like the idea of Bo!

- Hiroshi-san, Otto Bistro