inventory management service for reusable packaging

why Bo for merchants?

contact us for more information on our pilot launch in the Plateau-Mile End area coming fall



superior products - offer a superior dining experience by offering takeout meals packed in Bo's designed to last over 1000 washes & are over 10 times superior in quality to disposables


cost-savings - find out more about our promo sign-up bundle for the first 50 merchants who sign up for our pilot phase & our cost-per-use that is less expensive on average than single-use packaging products


sustainability - forget what's more green to throw in the garbage after a singe use. A circular economy model generates savings from maximizing the value of resources & offers a sustainable solution that helps reduce environmental impact


offer clients the option for reusable takeout packaging without complicating things: with the Bo app inventory management system, all you have to do is enter a client's Bo ID, scan containers to check them out of your inventory (with no consignment fee nor deposit!) & we track your stock level & restock you with clean Bo's


Make the future a present  & pack it with a Bo