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how does it work with bo?


Find participating restaurants on the Bo app and ask that your takeout order be prepared in a Bo container.


Enjoy your meal, find a Bo drop-off point in the app to return your containers!


Once you find a drop-off point, simply scan the QR code of the bin and your containers and drop them in the bin!

participating restaurants

and drop-off points

Find us all over the Greater Montreal Area!


What do I do if I have technical issues using the Bo app?

Send us an email at support@bopaq.com and we will be glad to help!

Is using Bo free?

Yes, it's free as long as you return your containers on time! It's just as easy as borrowing books from the library

Why do I need to enter payment information to use Bo?

We store this information to guarantee the cost of Bo containers that are not returned during the free borrowing period. You won't be charged as long as you return the containers on time!

How do I order with Bo?

Create a Bo account to get your own Bo code. Then order from one of our partner stores, mentioning your code to receive your order in reusable containers!

How do I return my Bo container?

Find a return location in the "Returns" section of the Bo app. Then simply scan the return bin and the container to be returned!

Does Bo work with delivery services like Uber Eats?

Yes! Simply enter your Bo code in the comments of your delivery order from one of our partner stores.

Why is it better to use Bo?

Bo containers are made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic and are reusable up to over 1000 times. When you order with Bo and make a return, you save a disposable container from the trash!

How are the Bo containers washed?

Containers are washed with MAPAQ-certified products at 180 degrees Celsius at our LavaBo! industrial washing facility.

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